Wintering Sheds in NZ

Here at ProSpec Structures, we’ve partnered with Australian leaders Entegra Signature Structures to bring the Ridgeback globally patented wintering barn to New Zealand. If you’re a farmer looking for the best solutions to keep your livestock warm and safe through the winter months, just turn to us. For more information on our wintering sheds in NZ, get in touch with the ProSpec team

The Ridgeback

This patent, climate-controlled design makes for the best dairy wintering shed on the market. We deliver it as a turn-key design that features 20% higher air exchanges per hour compared to traditional dairy sheds.

We understand that design plays a vital role in milk production yield and the return on your agricultural investment. With years of experience designing exceptional steel structures for Kiwi farmers, our design, engineering, manufacturing and project management teams work as a single dedicated unit to get you exceptional wintering barns. The collaboration of ProSpec and Entegra means that you’ll get optimum specification designed to maximise milk production.


Entegra was named winner of the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Award in 2018. Their investment in R&D continues to be without peer in the dairy industry, which is why you can trust that you will be working with one of the best shed solutions providers in Australia and New Zealand.

And this, naturally, comes with a host of benefits.

When you work with our partnership, you’ll get exclusive access to a patented design for self-ventilating roof structures, creating improved air exchange and better conditions for your cattle. Healthier, happier livestock means better milk production.

The ProSpec team is here to make the process easy for you from start to finish. That means more than just providing you with the best designs for Kiwi conditions. We’ll take care of town planning and building permits, so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of paperwork. We know that farmers are busy folk, so focus on what matters - keeping the cattle fed and milked and cared for.

All of our structures are made from hot-dipped, galvanised steel. That boasts exceptional durability and the ultimate steel finish for a long-lasting product with a predictable performance. Say goodbye to disruptive maintenance, regardless of your farm’s environment.

We have a range of optional extras on our wintering barns, including:

  • Climate Controlled Weather Curtains
  • Manually Operated Weather Curtains
  • LED Lighting
  • Concrete Feed Lanes
  • Free Stalls
  • Composting Systems
  • Effluent Systems
  • Flood Wash Systems
  • Fencing
  • All Other Barn Related Services

Do you have any questions about our shed designs or want to know what we can offer your farm? Please get in touch with the ProSpec Structures design team

The Ridgeback by Entegra might just be one of the best dairy sheds available on the market. Entegra are absolutely committed to innovative design and quality assurance, culminating in ISO 9001 certification.

They invest heavily in research and development to handle the most complex engineering tasks with skill and efficiency. They’re experts in the sectors they partner in and have exclusive access to training, important events and major conferences related to the area of practice.

That’s why you can rest assured that when you choose the Ridgeback, you’ll be receiving a shed made with patented technology that meets international standards for quality, safety and efficiency. It will increase your returns and make a palpable difference to your livestock and farm’s operations.

The Ridgeback features a range of specialist features designed for performance and excellence. These include:

  • A curved roof to maximise natural ventilation and minimise the chance of heat stress affecting your herd.
  • Flexibility in shelter layouts to optimise feed and water delivery to your animals
  • Exceptional aesthetics providing you with a unique looking yet state-of-the-art wintering barn
  • Access to the best advice and service through quality relationships with other key industry players
  • Regular communication and qualified project management to ensure that you’re kept informed throughout your project

High-quality steel is one of the most durable, hard-wearing and powerful building materials available. It holds up exceptionally well in a range of environments, including the harsh New Zealand climate. When your cows spend their winter in the comfortable, controlled environment of a high-quality steel wintering shed, their milk production will increase and your pasture will be all set up for spring.

They’re not just great for keeping your herd warm in the winter. They can help relieve heat stress in the summer, provide a safe solution to keep your livestock safe during significant adverse weather events such as floods. Help ensure production year-round and keep your pastures in great condition.

When you choose ProSpec Structures to construct your wintering barns, we’ll do the job right. To learn more about our sheds or other steel structures [link to structures page], please contact our team

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