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Design and construction

We design and construct safe, secure, fit-for-purpose facilities. Most importantly, we deliver the specific needs required by our wine & beverage clients. Managing construction projects in this highly complex industry requires both experience and knowledge of the manufacturing process. Food production facilities hygiene and food safety are also critical factors that must be considered.

We fully understand the importance of maintenance, serviceability and longevity of the services, structure, materials and finishes in facilities of this nature. Our experience in this unique sector, as endorsed by our repeat clients, has taught us that great project outcomes are achieved through strong project governance, rigorous and collaborative stakeholder engagement, clear lines of communication and integrity in operations. All our designs are fully temperature controlled solutions using only premium materials.

Wine and Beverage Solutions

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is continuously changing, which makes the operational landscape a complex recipe of technology, regulation and safety assurance. Whether plans include launching an innovative new product, expanding capacity for a high-growth product, or storing the product in the supply chain, Prospecs industry experts are attuned to the unique logistics and regulatory needs that accompany each project.

As consumer demands reshape distribution channels across consumer goods, manufacturers must adapt accordingly. Through innovations like Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (ASRS), we have been able to help food and beverage producers transition and expand their distribution and warehouse systems to drive productivity by automating and simplifying the supply chain process.

As a single entity, Prospec assumes responsibility for the design, construction, and commissioning of the facility. Through our focus on collaboration, we create value for our clients by mitigating risk, shortening delivery schedules and reducing cost. Our integrated design-build teams work across all architectural, engineering and construction disciplines throughout the entire lifecycle of a project to provide certainty of outcome. We successfully deliver high-quality facilities meeting our client’s time and budget requirements while significantly reducing their administrative burden and risk by serving as a single point of contact and responsibility.

Engineering and Construction

By streamlining the traditional approaches to engineering and construction with modular components and prefabricated assemblies, allowances for offsite construction can occur much earlier in a project lifecycle and reduce overall timelines. Standardising design and construction workflows create efficiency through every step of the project lifecycle. Through the Design Manufacture Build delivery method, Prospec leverages manufacturing to simplify execution in the field, utilising techniques such as swing-leg steel frame erection. Streamline processes like this allow for less congested and safer sites and the opportunity to provide customers even greater value.

Prospec Sructures’ complete facility design solutions ensure warehouses and building solutions are built to accomplish current production goals and allow for future growth. Collaboration with our client helps us gain complete understanding of long-term distribution strategy and create functional structures that consider storage requirements, material and traffic flow, and integration of material-handling systems. Our extensive design-build and simulation expertise ensures that each client achieves not only a state-of-the-art structural solution, but one optimized to their unique goals and objectives. We supply end-to-end efficiency to every warehouse design. Our engineers solve the challenges of floor plans that demand space for bulk raw material and palletized finished goods. We design layouts that incorporate efficient storage methods for raw materials and finished goods, align each space with production and shipping demands, and then verify and optimise layout and flow using simulation. We help clients achieve the ideal scale for any capital investment and ensure that the outcome is a successful, efficient structure that enhances manufacturing operations.

Our collaborative approach captures and reflects our clients’ culture. Function, atmosphere and innovation are among the most critical components of any interior environment. Prospec’s architects and design team apply creative and technical solutions to achieve clients’ project goals. We work collaboratively to develop aesthetically pleasing, flexible, accessible and sustainable designs. By integrating research, design and implementation, we deliver high-quality interior environments that reflect the culture of our clients. Our goal is to consistently create facilities of enduring quality that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Quality Control is focused on assuring predictably high-quality outcomes on all projects to further enhance customer satisfaction. The intent is to define consistent applications of quality processes, clarify responsibilities, incorporate continuous improvement, limit rework variation and warranty activities and achieve every project scope requirement.

Safety is one of our core operating principles, and internal programs drive our colleagues to achieve a commitment to a zero-injury, zero-incident work environment for Propec team members, our contract partners and all others working on our sites and facilities. Safety on our projects will never be compromised in the interest of time or profit.

We set high standards for ourselves and embrace safety as a lifestyle choice. Our goals go beyond health and safety requirements and help us manage risk for our clients, too.


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