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Industrial Building Construction

At Prospec, we are leaders in the commercial building industry. If you have a large scale project that you need to house, we have the construction skills to complete the work you need.

We deliver premium quality and advanced large scale construction. Our team of project managers, builders, and engineers work tirelessly in tandem to create steel structures that offer the best durability and functionality. By fostering meaningful relationships within our team and with customers, we work together to provide exceptional service and products.

Regardless of your manufacturing or warehousing needs, whether you need to house your new water jet machine or expand your welding operations, our Prospec steel light industrial buildings are the perfect choice for you.

Choose to work with Prospec if you want a building solution tailored to New Zealand’s environment. We use non-recycled, premium quality structural steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish. Our structures are durable even in coastal or other conditions where standard paints will wear down.

Cutting-edge industrial buildings design

Every project is a response to its unique vision and circumstances. Success begins with clear planning. Our experienced team of architects, designers and drafters know how to engage stakeholders, establish functional requirements, and vet the arrangements to meet diverse needs. Whether the desired result is straightforward or is a specialized purpose-built solution, our priority is to design great buildings that meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

At Prospec, we use a unique leg swing lift design to build the entire structure of our buildings’ roofs. Everything, including the guttering and sheeting, gets put together on the ground before lifting it atop the construction. This method is not just safer but also faster and more cost-effective.

The first thing to think about when building an industrial facility is how to design the space to ensure optimal capacity and efficiency. The arrangement of office space, equipment, storage and shipping/receiving will have a substantial influence on workflow – so the careful design of your building is paramount.

To create an ideal layout, you must have a solid understanding of the sequence of operations that occurs within the facility, including manufacturing, shipping and receiving. This is especially critical when it comes to the movement of raw materials and finished products. Ask yourself these questions to gain a full understanding of sequencing:

  • When materials or products enter the building, where do they go?
  • If they are moved into storage, how are they organized?
  • How is inventory processed?
  • If materials are moved directly into production, how are they sorted and utilized?
  • How are your outgoing products packaged and shipped?
  • What is the most optimal layout and how can you make it better?

With answers to these questions, our inhouse designers can design an effective layout that avoids inefficiencies in production. The designer will also create a floor plan with support columns that are adequately load-bearing but also placed appropriately to ensure maximum open space.

Our methodologies are adaptable, which means that we can design our steel buildings to suit any crane, hoist, or storage rack. Whether you need a small shop, industrial plant or industrial business park, you can be sure that we will meet your design requirements.

Industrial and Commercial Building Solutions

There are many kinds of industrial buildings, including warehouses, storage facilities, factories, manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, distribution centres, and more. At Prospec Structures, we are experts at delivering any and all of these projects.

You might be building a brand new structure or expanding your workshop, plant, or warehouse space. We can easily adapt our approach to deliver you what you need. We know how to build in a way that suits the environment we are working in, optimizing the use of materials and space to ensure that your structure functions exactly as it needs to.

Our philosophy at Prospec Structures is to approach each project with attentiveness and attunement to its individual quirks and challenges. Using the right materials, technologies, and techniques, you can be sure that you will receive exceptional returns on your construction investment.

Trust in Prospec to deliver the best commercial buildings

Our team of world-class engineers, designers, project managers, and construction staff work exceptionally well together to deliver you premium building solutions. We find strong and sustainable solutions no matter what kind of industrial building you need, whether it be a commercial building, storage solution, industrial shed, warehouse, educational facility, or factory.

We know how complex it can be to plan a commercial building project. Thanks to our expert Prospec team, we make all the planning, decision making, purchasing, managing, and installing simple for you. Every customer of ours will enjoy a stress-free experience throughout their project build.

Uncompromising quality and structural integrity are our most essential tenets when it comes to the construction of commercial buildings. At Prospec, we know how to build structures that can withstand New Zealand’s harsh climate.

We have a wealth of specialist experience and knowledge that we will use to build you a robust steel structure. From the moment you contact us to the moment we hand you the keys, we will deliver professional service.

When you get in touch with us about an industrial building project, we begin by sending our designers straight to the site. Our designers and expert planning teamwork with councils and surveyors to ensure that we meet all local regulations. We come prepared to not only meet the most rigorous industry standards and building regulations but exceed them.

This way, we know how to get the job done right from the get-go, thereby delivering you an accurate quote. We prepare as well as possible for curveballs ahead of the game so that you won’t blow your budget.

At Prospec Structures, we are proud to say that every single project we have undertaken has been functional, high quality, and cost-effective. As we continuously strive to step up and lead the industrial building industry, we only keep getting better.

Turn to our team at Prospec today to help turn your commercial building project from concept to completion. We guarantee that your building will get delivered on time and on budget. Thanks to our exceptional customer service, expertise, attention to detail, and innovative practices, we are the leading industrial building company in the country.

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We use a combination of engineers, construction teams, project management staff and designers working collaboratively on every project. Our team helps develop strong, sustainable commercial buildings, industrial sheds, warehouses, educational facilities and factories to meet our clients’ specifications.

At Prospec Structures, we are committed to meeting client requirements. That’s why we send our own designers to your site to get a thorough understanding of your needs. Our expert planning team works with statutory authorities and building surveyors to ensure we get the job done right and offer you the most accurate quoting method possible.

  • Free 3D design concepts
  • Fixed-price contracts

Our team realises that industrial buildings and factories are complex. Planning, choosing, purchasing, managing and installing the right structure can be challenging - and that’s why the willing and dedicated professionals here at Prospec Structures will make the difficult simple throughout all stages of your project. Our building and shed construction methods are designed to meet and exceed the most rigorous industry standards present today. That means that you’ll receive the benefits of a fast process that ensures a high-quality finish without blowing your budget.

We guarantee every valued customer a simple and stress-free experience each step of the way in your new industrial build.

  • Large Doors (Sliding or Roller Shutter)
  • PA Doors
  • Canopies
  • Gantry Cranes
  • LED Lighting
  • Pallet Racking Systems
  • Cool Room Systems
  • Roof and Wall Ventilation
  • Roof and Wall Insulated Panels (PIR)

If you have been planning on a new industrial building project, turn to the ProSpec team to help you take it from concept to completion. To learn more about how we can deliver a high-quality steel construction solution tailored to your needs, get in touch with us

We will ensure that your new build goes smoothly and runs to time and budget.

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