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At ProSpec Structures, we are industry-leading professionals in constructing food processing facilities. The steel storage solutions that we design and deliver will meet all your needs. We are experts at supplying fruit and vegetable storage facilities that perfect your packing house’s output. Helping you keep your food safe and maintaining exceptional hygiene standards is a crucial part of our process.

We use the latest technology in controlled atmosphere (CA) storage solutions to keep your food fresh. If you need a CA building for your warehouse or food manufacturing facility, our team is here to help. With our belief in innovation and dedication to remaining at the forefront of the industry, we are confident that we can find the best solution for your needs.

By working closely with industry professionals, we provide superior storage solutions. With our exceptional designs, you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy working environment and a better return on your investments.

Premium technology for controlled storage NZ

By controlling oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide levels in your industrial building, alongside temperature and humidity, you can regulate the atmosphere in which you store your fruits and vegetables.

One of the most exciting innovations in fruit and vegetable storage systems, CA is game-changing for the food industry. The composition of gas plays a critical role in the storage life of produce. By reducing oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide as compared to the ambient atmosphere, food manufacturers can extend the postharvest life and quality of their supply.

Sometimes CA involves the replacement of ethylene with carbon monoxide in the storage environment. Users of CA systems must continually monitor the levels of gasses in the storage container, making precise adjustments when necessary. CA can also store dry commodities.

The call for CA technology has increased steadily in response to market demands for a continuous fresh produce supply. At Prospec, we stay ahead of the curve so that food suppliers can come to us for storage solutions with confidence.

Product innovation and customer satisfaction are some of our long term commitments at Prospec. We work collaboratively with our clients, including sending professional designers directly to your site, so that we thoroughly understand your needs and challenges.

We use our free site visits from our designers, plus our knowledge of industry regulations, as the building blocks to make a cohesive plan for your cold storage project. Our planning skills and our priority of consistent communication with our clients will assure you that we will implement the work to the highest standard, efficiently, and on time.

Using clear communication, we ensure that we maintain a thorough understanding of your business and site needs. From the day you contact us to the day we hand you the keys, we will work closely with you attentively and professionally.

Controlled atmosphere storage facilities

We offer the latest technology in controlled atmosphere storage (CA) solutions to keep your food fresh.

Controlled atmosphere fumigation is applied to control pests in dry commodities and food supplies and is extremely suitable for both preventative and curative treatments. This technique is based on the creation of a low-oxygen regime/content in a specially-constructed gastight treatment chamber, container, silo or applied for bulk cargo.

The non-toxic fumigation treatments consist of low levels of oxygen and increased temperature, where applicable, and these conditions are kept for a period that is specific to the commodity and insect being treated. This method eradicates insects in all life stages: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.The final outcome of the breathing cycle is composed of: heat, carbon dioxide, water vapour and some aromatic compounds. The more intense is the breathing activity of fruit, the faster is its senescence and deterioration and therefore the shorter its storage period. The use of cold has been for a long time the only method of storage of fresh fruit products. The CA together with temperature reduction, acts deeper on the vegetables metabolism, for example, reducing ethylene production typical of fruits, blocking the chlorophyll degradation (green color), delaying pectin hydrolysis (pulp firmness), slowing the breakdown of vitamins and acids.

The Controlled Atmosphere technique is environmentally friendly, without the use of toxic gasses, and it does not leave any residue. Another aspect of this technique is that no resistance can occur in the pest population.

Non-toxic Adhesives and Sealants

Great Pest Control

Safe Solution For People And Environment

Software Integration

Flexible Solution

Consistant And Predictable ROI

Advanced solutions for fruit and vegetable storage

To maintain the total integrity of your goods, we design and install complete thermal-sealed envelope rooms. CA is some of the latest technology in the industry. Our ability to work with CA makes us your one-stop-shop for all of your storage needs.

Refrigerated warehouses and cold storage facilities are some of the biggest consumers of energy in the world. This means that any design and build service requires a higher tier of expertise and awareness of environmental responsibility in their construction.

At Prospec, we have these necessary skills and know the complexities involved in constructing food storage facilities. In our process, we put a lot of consideration into improving their efficiency and reducing the strain on your power bill, providing you with some of the most energy-efficient systems available.

We will advocate for you throughout the design and implementation process. You will be impressed by how we turn your ideas into reality, giving you total streamlined integration. Our project managers can balance high-quality design, responsibility, construction, budgeting, and timelines seamlessly.

Get in touch with us now if you think our controlled atmosphere storage solutions are right for your fruit and vegetable storage NZ.


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