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Here at ProSpec Structures, we design and build horticulture and food processing facilities devised to maximise your packing house's output. Our range includes an assortment of steel cool store structures to keep your food fresh.

Our team believes in continuous innovation and is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of the industry. If you have any questions about our cold storage buildings or warehouses, we're happy to help. Just reach out to the ProSpec team


Here at ProSpec Structures, we work closely with industry professionals to create superior cold store designs that will give you a healthier work environment and a better return on your investments.

There are many reasons why you can rely on us to go above and beyond your requirements. When you choose us to construct your steel cold storage solutions, you'll benefit from:

  • Our extensive range of design options
  • Free site visits by our experienced design team
  • Access to one of the shed build industry's most comprehensive suites of services
  • Unlimited options for custom designed sheds direct from the manufacturer
  • Faster build times
  • One of the most accurate quoting methods available in the industry
  • Free 3D design concepts
  • Fixed-price contracts

When you choose ProSpec Structures, we'll work closely with you from day one to ensure that we get a thorough understanding of your business and site needs.

Our highly experienced, skilled planning team will collaborate with statutory authorities and building surveyors to ensure an exceptional build. That means that you'll get less hassle and better results with New Zealand's leading steel structure builders.

Cold storage and food processing facilities are highly specialised and involve a range of intricacies. This means that any design and build service involved in their construction must have the expertise necessary to bring them to life.

For example, refrigerated warehouses and cold storage centres consume some of the highest amounts of energy among any structures in the world.

In order to improve their efficiency and reduce the strain on your power bill, these structures must be professionally designed and built to integrate the most energy-efficient systems available.

Here at ProSpec Structures, we work collaboratively with all our clients from the earliest stage of their projects. That includes sending our professional designers directly to your site to get a thorough understanding of your requirements and challenges.

We'll be your advocate throughout every step of your design and build process. The ProSpec team turns initial concepts into state-of-the-art, modern facilities designed for optimal performance, efficiency and flexibility.

We're dedicated to bringing value to every project we take on. That means meeting your equipment needs, life cycle cost, regulatory requirements and any expectations for budget control, safety and quality.

Our project managers use a delivery method that combines high-quality design, construction, budgeting and timelines into a single point of responsibility. That's how we're able to offer our customers the benefits of total, streamlined integration.

We even offer a range of optional extras for your cold storage warehouse. These include:

  • Large Sliding or Roller Shutter Doors
  • PA Doors
  • Canopies
  • Refrigeration
  • LED Lighting
  • Pallet Racking Systems
  • Cool Room Systems
  • Roof and Wall Ventilation
  • Roof and Wall Insulated Panels (PIR)

If you have been considering a frozen food distribution centre, refrigerated warehouse or other cold storage facilities for your business, we highly recommend constructing it out of steel.

There is a wide range of reasons why this durable, robust metal is an excellent choice, and we cover them below.

Steel buildings and warehouses are highly energy-efficient structures. Their metal frames offer you exceptional insulation, which you can modify as necessary to accommodate changing temperature requirements.

We know that you're very likely to build cold storage structures for food production or storage applications, making cleanliness critical.

This is where steel can be of benefit. These metal buildings create a stable environment that is easy to clean.

For instance, you won't have to worry about drainage issues that you sometimes face with brick or timber structures or risks of wood rotting or attracting mould or mildew.

As steel frames are non-porous, they don't hold moisture, meaning that you'll also be able to wash your warehouse as needed without any damage as a result.

Steel buildings are some of the most durable out there and can easily last a lifetime. This means that when you choose one of our steel cold storage structures, you're investing in a building that's certain to stand the test of time.

Powerful steel can even stand up to the harshest weather conditions while requiring little to no regular upkeep. You'll be able to save on repairs throughout your building's lifespan, making steel one of the best available options for low maintenance facilities.

We can design all of our cold store buildings to meet your specifications. Simply reach out to a ProSpec Structures steel expert to discuss what you're looking for and get a quote for a high-quality solution to your temperature-controlled storage requirements.

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